Correen Genshorek

Executive Assistant

Correen’s natural ability to put people at ease and extensive customer service background has made her a great addition to Giesbrecht, Boudreau & Associates. Correen believes strongly that anyone can achieve their goals with the proper guidance and advice from professionals that share the same desire to help clients to achieve financial freedom.

Growing up in Kamloops, Correen developed a love for the outdoors. Whether it is paddleboarding on one of the several lakes in our area or Ebiking on acres of wide-open range that surround Kamloops, if she is outside with her family and friends, she is happy.

Correen has a deep devotion to our community and giving back has always been a priority for Correen, her husband Colin and their son Alex. Making a positive impact in the community and offering help is such a gratifying feeling. Starfish Backpack is one of her favourite ways to make a difference. Feeding the Future, it’s the right way to grow kind, giving children.